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Pro-Splash – Airborne Contamination Screen
The pro-splash is designed for environments where protection from coughing or sneezing and general airborne fluid contamination is of the utmost importance. Manufactured from the finest materials, the shield is virtually unbreakable serving a dual purpose of protecting against bio-hazards as well as physical threats from the public.
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Centor Retractable Screens
IntroductionThe Carinya Classic Sliding Window is a unique combination of form and function not previously available in the residential category.Sliding WindowCarinya has many visible advantages over alternative products in addition to its obvious aesthetic qualities, these include:Exclusive handle located on the mullion for ease of access and cleaner lines.In built weather flaps - a feature of all Carinya windows - to reduce air and water infiltration, cover drain slots and minimise insect intrusion.Proprietary adjustable, non-corrosive roller system - the ‘engine room’ of these high performance windows - provides an effortless gliding motion that makes the window a joy to operate.Anti-lift block fitted above the sash to prevent manipulation and increase security.Mullion and transom end caps that ensure insects have no place to hide.The entire Carinya Collection has been fully tested to meet or exceed Australian Standards AS2047, AS1170, AS1191 and AS3959.
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